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Established in 2016, Gilpin Park Press is a small independent publisher in Denver, Colorado.

We CELEBRATED the 10 week anniversary of the launching of our first release, Appealing For Justice, by giving it a book page of its own on Facebook!

And we started the new page with Susan Casey’s RE-CAP of the 10 BESTS of the last 10 weeks!

#1 BEST MOMENT: Walking into the Tattered Cover for the hometown launch event, with more than a bit of apprehension about whether anyone would come, and finding a cheering crowd that swelled into the book aisles.


#2 BEST SELLING HIGHLIGHT: When Boulder Bookstore had Appealing for Justice as #1 (The Girl On the Train trailed at #3).

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#3 BIGGEST THRILL: Being welcomed by the Chief Justice and current and former justices before a packed house in the grand rotunda at the Colorado Supreme Court.

#4 MOST MOVING HOUR OF CONVERSATION: An evening hosted by Dee Perry and Janet Martin in Boulder when hearing Jean’s story led twenty-five women to share stories of their experiences across generations.

#5 BEST FRIENDS NIGHT: When Josie Heath hosted a gathering that brought mutual friends of Jean Dubofsky, Josie Heath and I together for a look back and a look forward.

#6 BEST BOOK REVIEW: Mark Stevens went above and beyond with a review that rivals the writing seen in the New York Review of Books and then combined the review with a Q & A that  only an author can do with another author.

#7 BEST OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE OUR STORY: When Colorado Public Radio and KGNU interviewed Jean and I, they provided a chance to reach listeners all across the state. And those interviews can still be heard by clicking:

#8 BIGGEST COMPLEMENT: When Sandra Dallas, the distinguished and gifted writer of many New York Times bestselling novels, featured a review of the book in her recent monthly Denver Post column.

#9 BEST EVIDENCE OF HOW FAR WE HAVE COME: When I heard the words “I’d like you to meet by husband” spoken by a few men and “I’d like you to meet my wife” spoken by women at a book signing hosted by Sue and Tim Damours in Denver. We would not being hearing those words today were it not for Romer v. Evans.

#10 BEST WAY TO START EACH DAY: Logging into the Denver Public Library site to see how many people were on the wait list for Appealing for Justice. My first job at the age of 13 was working in my hometown library. While book sales are what all authors are after, what warms my heart each day is seeing the number of people on HOLD at the library grow from 3 to 7 to 10…to today…19! Woo Hoo!


Our first release, Appealing for Justice by Susan Berry Casey, is now available in paperback and as an E-Book.

Retailers and Libraries: Please order through INGRAM distribution channels.

Readers will find Appealing for Justice in Denver at the Tattered Cover, in Boulder at the Boulder Bookstore, at book stores across the country and online at

To contact: For inquiries to Gilpin Park Press about bulk sales or other publishing matters, please use the form below.

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332 pages, 16-page photo section, index
ISBN: 978-0-9976984-0-4 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-0-9976984-1-1 (eBook)
Library of Congress PCN: 2016910762
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