Table of Contents

Appealing for Justice

One Colorado Lawyer, Four Decades, and the
Landmark Gay Rights Case: Romer v. Evans

PART ONE:  1. Berlin  2. Stanford University  3. From Betty Crocker to Capitol Hill  4. No Ladies Need Apply  5. The Tornado

PART TWO:  6. Washington D.C. 1968  7. Confronting Slavery  8. Heading West to Colorado  9. The Political Game  10. The First Woman Deputy Attorney General

PART THREE:  11. The Witch Hunt  12. The First Woman Justice  13. Storm Clouds Inside the Court  14. The Accusation  15. Topeka. Again.  16. Professor Dubofsky

PART FOUR:  17. Equality or Hate?  18. A Stunning Election Defeat  19. The Battle for Gay Rights

PART FIVE:  20. Let The Trials Begin  21. A Risky Legal Gambit  22. Appealing for Justice  23. The Supreme Effort  24. Nine Justices  25. Waiting For History