Sandra Dallas, Award winning and New York Times best selling author

…a compelling account of one woman’s struggle for civil rights for others, all the while fighting the gender bias directed at herself.

Mark Stevens, 2015 Colorado Book Award winning author, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

Smoothly written….Appealing for Justice is an inspiring account…an engaging insightful read of an important figure in Colorado..and U.S. history.

Cathy Langer, Director of Buying, Tattered Cover, Denver, CO

In Appealing for Justice: One Colorado Lawyer, Four Decades, and the Landmark Gay Rights Case Romer v. Evans Susan Casey captures both the essence of a remarkable woman and the times that shaped her.  Jean Dubofsky’s career and accomplishments are nothing short of brilliant, culminating in a landmark Supreme Court victory.   Appealing for Justice not only chronicles Dubofsky’s challenges and successes, it is a nail-biting, riveting and sometimes shocking look at the inner workings of our justice system and dark the underbelly of American history. It goes far beyond a chronicle of Jean Dubofsky’s legal accomplishments. It’s an honest look at the challenges of trying to do it all as a wife, mother, daughter and lawyer with an ultimately happy and victorious outcome. From Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow to her Supreme Court victory in a Landmark gay rights case, Dubofsky’s career mirrors the changes of the last half century in America.

Helen Thorpe, Award-winning of SOLDIER GIRLS and JUST LIKE US.

“Susan Casey brilliantly captures the story of an entire generation—indeed, the story of America over the past half century. This book is a must read for anyone who cares passionately about social justice. ”

Michael Booth, member of two Pulitzer Prize-winning news teams

A must-read for fans of the Supreme Court and civil rights, Susan Casey’s drama expertly tells the tale of an entire movement through one of its bravest characters.

 Emma Garrison, THE DOCKET

Casey writes in an engaging, comfortable style that makes for a page-turning read…I was on the edge of my seat.


Casey’s portrait of Dubofsky “reads like a gripping novel from start to finish. APPEALING FOR JUSTICE is a book that is needed now more than ever…(it) provides a beacon of hope for those who fear for their rights in these troubled times.”


Casey’s book is an illuminating, highly valuable narrative of the tumultuous changes in our society between 1956 and 1996.

Greater Park Hill News, October 31, 2016


History books report the facts but rarely give us a personal connection to the people who have shaped our laws, our country and our lives. APPEALING FOR JUSTICE gives us a very personal, inside look at the life of one woman who spent her career fighting for equal rights and social justice. It’s the story of one woman, but it’s also the story of a generation and a nation.’s-story-tells-that-of-an-entire-generation/

Online Praise from READERS

 AMAZON A MUST READ. A steadily paced story with a clear storyline about an extraordinary woman who quietly and tenaciously made history for LGB people not just in Colorado but across our nation.

AMAZON Skillfully and thoroughly researched…the book is as much history about the time period covered as it is a compelling story about a remarkable woman who was pivotal in the fight for justice for the gay community.…A great read.

AMAZON Reads like an exciting novel. I learned so much about civil rights, early feminism, and the struggles of LGBT equity. I highly recommend.

GOODREADS Susan Casey writes with extraordinary ease, and makes a biography a page-turner! Jean Dubofsky is a hero for our time. My wife…and I both enjoyed this immensely.

AMAZON Sue Casey does a great job with a great story.

AMAZON APPEALING FOR JUSTICE isn’t fiction, which is part of what makes reading Jean Dubofsky’s life story so satisfying, but in writing this important, scholarly book, Casey has somehow pulled off penning a great American novel, as well. Susan Casey, a noted political expert, is also a terrific writer. Her vivid and compelling prose takes us not just on Jean Dubofsky’s trailblazing journey championing gay and other legal rights, but on a gripping trip through U.S. history in a time that was as turbulent as it was ultimately progressive.

AMAZON I’m a little groggy today, because I have been up for several nights in a row until 1:30am reading this new biography. Who knew that a book about a lady lawyer could be such a page turner. Casey has a flowing, comfortable style that captures you from the very beginning and I often found myself stopping to re-read a sentence or a paragraph just for the enjoyment of the way she can turn a phrase. Although the book is a biography, it reads like a novel, and I mean that as a compliment. Casey manages to build suspense so that when this small woman with a quiet voice finally climbs up the long steps into the United States Supreme Court to argue against Colorado’s momentous anti-gay Ammendment 2, I could feel my pulse pound. And I’m from Colorado so I knew how it was going to end! A great read.”